Thanks for taking a moment to visit my site.

I am re-branding, reorganizing, and updating my site. To be specific: I am changing it from a personal blog, written by a young adult in her twenties, to something that is more fitting for who I am now.

Colourful photo of Annemarie Sint Jago holding her DSLR camera, in front of a wall with graffiti

But… Wait. Fitting for who I am now. Do I know who that is? Do you know who you are? What defines you? Does your job define you? Your history? Who you were before? Who you want to become? Is that what defines you? Identifies you? Shapes you?

Well, I can say: I am surely one whom questions everything, annoyingly sometimes. For others.

At my job, when I dream, when I go shopping. I guess it’s mostly curiosity. So probably, that what this blog is about: curiosity.

It’s a blog/site in progress and so it will always be, so check back and feel free to give me some feedback if you feel like.



My passion for photography resulted in being a professional photographer for some years. Ultimately, I chose to fully commit to my job as a consultant, while keeping photography as one of my favourite hobbies. Combining them whenever I can. So bye bye (deactivated in 2019), hello Instagram: