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Thanks for taking a moment to visit my site.

I am re-branding, reorganising, and updating my site. To be specific: I am changing it from a personal blog, written by a young adult in her twenties, to something that is more fitting for who I am now. Seems to me an excellent start of a new decade. (2020!)

Colourful photo of Annemarie Sint Jago holding her DSLR camera, in front of a wall with graffiti

You can recognise the previous me by the texts in Dutch (and an occassional short story in English).

Now, living abroad, together with my English speaking fiance, working in an international company, English makes more sense. After all, I think in English and my Dutch friends make fun of me when I throw in too many English words when conversing in Dutch.

Last blog posts

De student die de studieadviseur de waarheid vertelde

Aan het einde van het eerste jaar had hij besloten de waarheid te vertellen, niet te gaan voor de gebruikelijke verzinsels die zijn mede-studenten loslieten op de goedgelovige studie-adviseurs. Bovendien vond hij het getuigen van totale respectloosheid om opa’s, oma’s, tante’s en ooms fictief ziektes te laten krijgen of zelfs dood te laten gaan voor […]


Jolla Smartphone Review

“Over 6 maanden ben je weer terug bij de iPhone,” zei D met een grijns toen ik hem vertelde dat ik de Jolla smartphone had besteld. D is op de hoogte van de laatste trends wat betreft gadgets, telefoons enzo. Tenminste, in die veronderstelling ben ik. Zijn reactie verraste mij. Maar hoe meer hij zei dat opensourcedingen […]


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Most recent short stories

forest image to illustrate short story walked this path

Short story “I’ve walked this path”

I’ve walked this path many, many times before. At least once a day for the last twelve years while walking the dog, until he died. I played here when I was a kid, illegally drank liquor with my friends when I was a teenager. I walked here in my twenties in an attempt to stay […]


Short story “Childhood fears”

From the darkness men arise. With the lights on, they’re invisble. But as soon as the light switch is flipped, I can see them. They move. Never did I let them come closer, since turning on the lights drives them back to their shelters, instantly. Watching me constantly, they hide in the clothes that are […]


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My passion for photography resulted in being a professional photographer for some years. Ultimately, I chose to fully commit to my job as a consultant, while keeping photography as one of my favourite hobbies. Combining them whenever I can. So bye bye Anniemedia.nl (deactivated in 2019), hello Instagram: